Careers in the Plant Sciences

Tenure-Track Faculty Position

National Taiwan University, International College - Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

Position Title: Tenure-Track Faculty Position
Position Type: Tenure-Track Professor
Application Review Begins: Friday, July 01, 2022
Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Institution: National Taiwan University, International College
Department/Division: Master’s Program in Biodiversity
Field (e.g., systematics): Biodiversity/Human Dimension in Ecology
City: Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
General Information: The Master’s Program in Biodiversity (MPB) at National Taiwan University is an English-taught interdisciplinary program which is newly approved by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan in 2020. This program focuses on Biodiversity Science, as well as Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability. It aims to cultivate global talents with competencies in biodiversity management.
Qualifications/Requirements: Applicants with postdoctoral experiences are preferred, and the research fields are Biodiversity (Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Conservation Biology, Ecosystem Service Evaluation), and/or Human Dimension in Ecology. A doctoral degree and capability of teaching in English are required, and priority will be given to the candidate who can offer one to two of the suggested courses as below.
“Field Work in Ecology: Practicalities and Data Analysis”,
“Linear and Generalised Linear Modelling in R”,
“Scientific Communication”,
“Experimental Design in Ecology”,
“Ecological Diversity”,
“Bio-cultural Diversity, Sustainability Development”,
“Ecosystem Service Evaluation”,
“Human Dimension in Biodiversity”,
“Ecosystem Service and Sustainability”,
“Economic Analysis in Biodiversity”,
“Ecological Economy”, “Conservation Biology”,
“Ecological Application in Geographic Information System (GIS), and / or “Biostatistics”.
Responsibilities: Applicants for one tenure track Faculty Position (Assistant Professor or above), 4 credits of General Courses or Liberal Education Courses for undergraduate students and Professional Courses for graduate students must be offered each semester, and also need to assist the program with administrative affairs, starting from February 1, 2023.
Application Instructions (submission methods, etc.): 1. Curriculum Vitae including nationality, date of birth, education background, summary of research field, working experience, the publication list from past seven years (please provide individual pdf files, published after February 1, 2016).
2. A personal statement indicating a commensurate position (Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor) to be applied and the important contribution of one designated representative paper. The representative paper should be published in respected international journals
(SSCI, SCIE) after February 1, 2018. Please also include statements of past teaching and research experiences.
3. Research plans
4. Teaching plans, please provide syllabi for at least 3 courses.
5. Certificate of a doctoral degree
6. Transcripts from undergraduate and graduate courses (for those applying to the Assistant Professor position only)
7. Three letters of recommendation (sent by the referees directly through email to:

Please send all the required documents (as PDFs) to the following email address: (Subject: NTU Faculty Position / Project Faculty Position_MPB_Applicant name). The deadline for submitting all documents is August 31, 2022 (GMT+8).
Compensation Range:
Contact Name: Ms. Mei-Cheng Shih,