Careers in the Plant Sciences

Public Programs Manager

United States Botanic Garden - Washington, DC, USA

Position Title: Public Programs Manager
Position Type: Permanent Federal
Application Review Begins: Friday, May 17, 2019
Application Deadline: Friday, June 14, 2019
Institution: United States Botanic Garden
Department/Division: Public Programs
Field (e.g., systematics): education, botany
City: Washington, DC, USA
General Information: The U.S. Botanic Garden (USBG) is seeking a Public Programs Manager (equivalent to a Vice President position at most public gardens) to manage the planning, developing and carrying out of botanical programs, interpretation, and exhibits that fulfill the USBG's educational mission and serve a diverse audience. The selectee will also serve on the USBG’s senior management team, contributing to all aspects of the organization’s operations. The USBG is part of the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) and this position is federal.
Qualifications/Requirements: A Master's degree in education, botany, horticulture, agriculture, ecology, environmental science, natural science, conservation, or related field is preferred but not required.

Your resume and question responses must demonstrate the job-related knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) specified in the position solicitation. You must also meet the defined level of specialized experience specified in the solicitation: (1) Developing, managing and administering public education programs in botany, biology, ecology, natural science, environmental science, horticulture, conservation or agriculture; (2) Planning and developing educational programs and hands-on activities for adults, youth or families; (3) Working collaboratively on exhibits, festivals, events or visitor services on plant science; (4) Enhancing public awareness of educational activities via website, handout, brochure, exhibit or other visitor communication vehicles; (5) Gathering, analyzing and presenting data to include developing reporting metrics and evaluations of educational programs; (6) Providing administrative and technical leadership or supervision to employees; (7) Administering a volunteer program.

Candidates for the GS-13 grade level must have at least 52 weeks of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-12 grade level in the Federal service. Candidates for the GS-14 grade level must have at least 52 weeks of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-13 grade level in the Federal service. All candidates must be U.S. citizens who are able to pass a drug test.
Responsibilities: Duties at GS-14 level include:

Education and Information Activities

Develops and manages educational programs that further the USBG’s mission, are accessible to a diversity of audiences, and enhance public knowledge of botany, horticulture, conservation and agriculture. Works closely with USBG and AOC colleagues and local and national partners to accomplish these goals. Develops educational initiatives and resources to foster greater and more effective involvement of public gardens, educational institutions and other organizations in increasing public knowledge and appreciation of plants, gardening and agriculture. Utilizes diverse modes of information delivery, such as classes, conferences, demonstrations, distance learning, exhibits, informal learning, lectures, media coverage, mobile technology, publications, social media, tours and workshops. Manages the development of educational programming that breaks down barriers of inclusion for underserved populations.
Serves as an expert in biological sciences or in informal education in museum or public garden settings. Oversees scientific interpretive content development to ensure that interpretive signs and exhibits represent accurate information conveyed in a manner relevant and accessible to a diverse audience. Maintains collaborative relationships with professionals at other botanic gardens and museums, as well as with colleagues at other education, community, and research institutions.
Manages the administration of volunteers who facilitate visitor services and help maintain the plants and gardens of the USBG. Manages the preparation and dissemination of printed and online USBG educational and interpretive materials, visitor brochures, program flyers, volunteer training manuals, audio tour and other educational and visitor services documents. Develops outreach materials in plant conservation, sustainable gardening, horticulture, urban agriculture and other botanical topics to serve a diverse audience in the D.C. area and across the nation.

Exhibit Planning and Development

Develops long-range exhibit plans in conjunction with the Exhibits Committee, on which the manager serves as a voting member. Reviews and approves exhibit designs and concepts. Makes initial proposals, prepares conceptual outlines and budgets, coordinates and writes interpretation, assembles objects and graphics, coordinates design and production and ensures exhibits are installed properly and on time.
Develops annual and multi-year plans of creative exhibits for all venues in the USBG. Ensures that exhibits are in service to the Garden’s mission, are accessible and relevant to a diversity of audiences, and are integrated into the full scope and delivery of USBG educational offerings such as lectures, workshops, festivals, demonstrations and displays.
Negotiates cooperative agreements, partnerships, exchanges, loans and arrangements for traveling exhibits.

Supervisory Duties

Exercises the full range of supervisory responsibilities for a team of educators and other assigned employees.
Provides guidance on and ensures accountability of performance management.
Ensures nondiscriminatory equal employment opportunity (EEO) practices for the area under supervision in the following: (1) merit promotion of employees and recruitment and hiring of applicants; (2) fair treatment of all employees; (3) encouragement and recognition of employee achievements; (4) career development of employees; and (5) full utilization of their skills.

Management, Planning and Evaluation

Designs and manages the USBG education program to inform and educate diverse audiences about plants. Evaluates program components for trends and recommends revisions or new programs to meet projected goals. Identifies and develops data and metrics required for the management and direction of educational programs and initiatives.
Plans and implements audience studies, focus groups, visitor surveys and other methods of data collection for use in planning educational displays and public programs. Summarizes data and prepares reports on visitor attendance, demographics and experiences.
Initiates and reviews purchase requisitions, quote requests, scope of work statements, technical specs and other activities associated with procurement of goods and services for the Public Programs team. Serves as a Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) to ensure that contracted work proceeds according to quality standards that meet program goals and serve the mission of the U.S. Botanic Garden.
Analyzes work requirements and determines staff, supplies, financial and other resources needed to offer world class educational programming and exhibits to over one million public visitors each year.
Application Instructions (submission methods, etc.): You must apply for this position through USA Jobs at the link provided below. You only need to submit online the following: a) your resume and 2) answers to the online vacancy assessment questionnaire. The online questionnaire contains eligibility and screening questions and other relevant supplemental information.
Compensation Range: $99,172 to $152,352
Contact Name: Susan Pell,